"Salvation for Kri-Kri"
Projects in development
Every trophy hunter knows what an animal Kri-Kri Ibex is. We know the last place in the world where these ibex are preserved as a purebred population is on Sapienza Island, Greece. Thanks to trophy hunting fees collected by the state for hunting older animals on this island, interest has been created in conserving this species. But so far, no one has told you that these ibex may disappear from planet earth within our lifetime! They may be gone forever now!
It is unknown how and why so many jackals appear on the island at once. This predator, which doesn't belong naturally to this habitat, has been detrimental to the existence of Kri-Kri ibex and mouflons as well as other birds, turtles and all fauna in general on this island. Jackals are small predators but they're deadly to newborns and pregnant females. The blood curdling sight of dead newborn ibexes and females are repeated relentlessly every year in April for the last three years (since "they" arrived). Young and female animals are almost extinct on the island now! Numerous adult ibexes are about 5-10 years old and will end their lives in a few years due to old age. And then the pure Sapienza Kri Kri Ibex will be erased from Earth's history altogether! The question of how and why jackals appeared on an island, surrounded by a deep sea of three kilometers is not easy to answer. It's unlikely that they swam there from the land detached for several kilometers because the currents are too fast for even a small boat. There can be only one logical conclusion: someone brought them and released them here on purpose! The goal is clear. Somebody wants the population of these rare animals to disappear from the island of Sapienza. Why? What interest can anyone have in destroying all wildlife on this beautiful island? And who would care about some goats, and who would go through so much trouble just for that reason?. No one would care about the tragedy happening on an uninhabited island with some goats. The only people who do are the local people, who make a living from hunters, as they want to preserve their habitat and animals for future generations so hunting stays alive. The hunting community is the only economic interest in conserving this species. But, who would want to see animals disappear from the island and with them, the interests of hunters? The most logical conclusion would be someone who could benefit financially if they were gone- which is why one must suspect that someone put these jackals on the island! We can assume who is behind this- someone who could benefit from the animals disappearing. All of a sudden, it's not such a mystery!
Let me tell you a really interesting coincidence - one of the largest tour operators in the US operates in Northern Macedonia. And not too long ago, the same company spread a lie that hunting on Sapienza island had stopped and that people could only hunt Kri-Kri Ibex in Northern Macedonia. Isn't it interesting? To find out who the possible villain is, we need to look at the unnatural appearances of Kri-Kri ibex in different parts of the world and the potential trade profits that come with it. The Kri-Kri ibex trophy hunt has created financial interest not only for their natural habitat but also for some greedy foreigners. For many years, without any known reason and with whose permission, Kri-Kri ibex have been exported from Greece to Northern Macedonia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. They are hunted in hi-fenced hunting areas as natural kri-kri ibex! From this trade, it is estimated that Greece has lost at least one million euros from its ibex hunting tourism. This number is gleaned from publicly available information on the Internet and rough estimates of Kri-Kri ibex hunting abroad. Kri Kri Ibex is an endemic and endangered species, meaning that it only lives in the one area. It is banned from trade by the Berne Convention (the same convention protects its habitat). They are classified as (E) Endangered in the Red Data Book of Greece.
It is not difficult to find out who will benefit from the licensing of Kri-Kri ibex for hunting abroad. What is more interesting are those in Greece, which have turned a blind eye to illegal trade and export of endemic endangered species for the purpose of hunting outside their borders. When the authorities were alerted to this long-running "legal" business five years ago, they didn't stop it. Why? Because it has been running for too long and is a huge revenue contributor for someone?
If you are interested in the answers to these questions, contact the prosecutor's office. They can quickly answer your inquiries about how and why dozens of live Kri Kri ibexes from Burazani Zoo are exported to Northern Macedonia each year. Where in Burazani do these animals come from, and is their export violating the Berne Convention? So, we already know why someone would want to stop hunting on the island of Sapienza for Kri-Kri ibexes. One million euros is a good reason, don't you think so?
As scandalous as one's legitimate questions may be, people are unlikely to save the animals on the island by just asking institutions. The shared interest in protecting Kri-Kri ibexes and their habitat is what led us to create that article. Our project is attempting to save the endangered Kri-Kri ibexes of Sapienza by creating awareness and educating people. Despite this, it is unlikely that enough will be done with just informing institutions about what needs to happen. Stakeholders are all unified in their interest in protecting these animals, so they have come together today for a project called "Salvation for Kri-Kri.". This project is to help the state to remove predators from the island through a "green hunt." The animals can be caught, moved elsewhere without compromise in their "endangered" status. They will be immobilized with dart arrow and airgun before being captured and taken away. The best professional Greek hunters and veterinarians who know the island well were involved in implementing this project. To finance the project, we will need help from our institutions of Greece- not financial help but understanding! The necessary funds can be raised from hunting tourism through unused hunting licenses from the past season. All that is required of state institutions is to allow bow hunters (because their weapons are silent and will not scare the jackals) so they can raise those funds needed for logistical purposes. The project details will be published on our website when and if the ministry approve it, and everyone can get acquainted with them. Time is of the utmost importance for the accomplishment of this task. According to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry's deadline for implementing all hunting activities in Greece (February 28), it will be too late if we don't start now! If the project is not implemented by the beginning of April, this may be the last feast of the jackals and the last few pregnant females and newborn will be torn and eaten by jackals on that island. To not waste time, while the institutions in Greece decide whether to allow the project or not, we turn to any bowhunter that wants to hunt legally on the island of Sapienza with a bow and arrow. If they approve us for this project, it will grant you 4 licenses for the oldest possible Kri Kri ibex in February. With the game meats obtained in this way, we'll attract the predators to appropriate positions for them to be anesthetized. The money raised from these bowhunters licenses will be donated to "Salvation for Kri-Kri" by head organizer Safari Season. For more information, you can contact us at Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε.