As an NGO organization we really appreciate and respect the trust that our partners have provided us. Whether we work with government institutions, private companies or individuals, we will always fulfill our promises.
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More than 200 collaborators across the country and over 2000 our followers support us in the common efforts to save wildlife and protect the underwater world of Greece.
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Sani DonchevaSani Doncheva – She was born in Bulgaria. She has three master’s degrees in economics, international economic relations, and journalism. She speaks three languages. She is the host of Outdoor TV reality that was successfully broadcasted in 13 European countries since 2013. Additionally, Sani is a professional cameraman and a photographer in outdoor wildlife adventures all around the world. She writes articles and stories for few Outdoor magazines and web sites.

Sani DonchevaGeorgia Potary - Graduate in Business Administration and Economics. Private school computer programmer, marketing, accounting and multimedia graphic arts. Diploma in Marketing and Export, Work experience as a manager at DIMITRA BOUKARA & SIA EU Technical Company. An accountant in the local Messinian Press. She speaks 2 languages ​​Greek and English

Vladimir DonchevVladimir Donchev – He was born in Bulgaria. Former professional swimmer at the National swimming team. He is fluent in three languages. He is a professional video and a photographer with bachelor’s degree in economics. 3D/graphic designer. Owner of the TV production company. specialized in producing documentaries and TV series about wild wilfe  nature and alternative tourism. It has produced over 120 feature films and over 200 television episodes for variety of TV shows and documentaries.

Sani DonchevaKostas Vrionis - Graduated technical vocational school. Graduate aviation engineer. Permanent member of the Greek Air Force, majoring in Aircraft Engineering from 26/6/2000 to the present. Highly qualified air and underwater drone pilot.

Vladimir DonchevPanagiotis Chatzitzanos – Studied in both US and UK and graduated with degrees in engineering. Has worked as a WiFi network specialist for the lasts 20 years, as well as a satellite communications expert in the maritime industry. A freelance photographer, specializing in aerial and underwater filming. Born and raised in the area of Pylos, loves nature and speaks English and Greek.

Sani DonchevaToni Paskova - graduated in electronics and laser technics with specialty optical-electronics and laser Technics in Secondary School Akad Kiril Popov in Plovdiv. Worked at Plant for sensors and sensory devices as Head of Department of Specialized Premises. Director of Mihalina ltd. representative of Venus Victoria Bulgaria. Deputy Director and translator of Innovatex Ltd, Thessaloniki, Greece. Postgraduate in Human Resources Development-Kalamata, Greece. She speaks Bulgarian, Greek, Russian.

Sani DonchevaEleftherios Agellis – CNC Graduate, Machine Programmer. Served in the Army as a paratrooper commando, sniper. Specialized in explosives and ammunition. Worked as a turner, electric welder at Ziguri Plant (Production of bodywork and cisterns), at DAMO as a manufacturer of special metal constructions to the present. He speaks 2 languages Greek and English.